California Quality Collaborative (CQC) Publishes Online Resource Library to Continue Supporting Practice Transformation Efforts

California Quality Collaborative’s (CQC) Practice Transformation Initiative (PTI) Team has created this online library sourced with tools, resources, and content developed during their 4-year program. The goal of the online resource library is to continue supporting practice transformation efforts post September 2019.

Shared resources are intended for solo providers/small practices, IPAs, QI professionals supporting primary care transformation and anyone who is interested in Practice Transformation.

The resources are organized into 8 categories:

  1. Lessons in Scaling Transformation
  2. Case Studies
  3. Engaged Leadership
  4. Accessing & Using Data
  5. Practice Assessment
  6. Practice Facilitation
  7. Patient & Family Engagement
  8. Team Based Care

In categories 2 through 8, the resources have been further categorized by whether they are most applicable to the organization level (e.g. Medical group, IPA, health plan) or the practice level where care is directly provided. The Practice Transformation Team also added external resources within each category that they found most useful.

Read “Lessons in Scaling Transformation: Impact of California Quality Collaborative’s Practice Transformation Initiative” report.

Access other resources from the PTI online library:


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