CIVHC Publishes Blog on AcademyHealth Website: “Employers in Colorado Band Together to Directly Negotiate Rates and Lower Costs for Health Care Consumers”

When it comes to the healthcare system in the U.S., the people actually paying for the goods and services (employers and individuals) are not directly involved in the purchasing decisions. Health insurance companies and providers typically negotiate between themselves, leaving consumers and employers out in the cold- ill equipped to understand why their premiums continue to rise and unable to do anything about it.

To combat these challenges, some employers across the nation are starting to band together, using transparent price information to take charge of rising health care costs.

The NRHI member Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC), administrator of the CO APCD (All Payers Claim Database), helps educate stakeholders and provides data and analytics that inform new models of health care payment, including alternative payment models, that promote high quality, efficient care.



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