Health Affairs Blog – The Road To Affordability: How Collaborating At The Community Level Can Reduce Costs, Improve Care, And Spread Best Practices

What does the road to healthcare affordability look like? Elizabeth Mitchell, NRHI president & CEO, shares her thoughts on the Health Affairs blog.

“For months, the US public has watched Congress debate the future of the US health care system—or more accurately—the future of the Affordable Care Act. But despite all we heard about deductibles and bronze versus silver plans, the debate in Washington was focused on the wrong thing. We can’t have affordable insurance until we have affordable health care, and we won’t have affordable health care until we address the drivers of rising health care costs…”

In 1960, $1 in $20 was spent on healthcare. Today that number is $1 in $6. What can we do to change this? Read more by visiting the blog today.

To learn more about NRHI’s work on healthcare affordability, visit the Healthcare Affordability portion of our website.


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