NRHI Communication Toolkit

Grab the tools and access resources to describe NRHI and the NRHI network in your organization’s communications.

The toolkit includes language, logos, social media links and more.

Content of the NRHI Communication Toolkit:

1.NRHI Member website badge:

    • When to use it: include the NRHI member badge on your website. We suggest to place it in the footer of the site. Another place where you can include it is if you have a dedicated page to list your partners and membership affiliations. 
    • Download the badge or a square version of it or click on the images:

2. Social Media Links

NRHI uses three main social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

NRHI also utilizes specific hashtags (typically only used on Twitter, but occasionally on Facebook and LinkedIn when appropriate):

    • #MembersInAction – Used when promoting actions and initiatives by NRHI members specifically when addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • #StrongerTogether – Used to promote the “Collaboratives in Action – Responding to COVID-19” webinar series as well as ongoing #MembersInAction stories. 
    • #NRHIMember – Used to promote all member stories.

3. NRHI Logo: 

    • When to use it: include the logo in press releases/presentations to internal and external stakeholders. The name of the organization and the accent orange line below it are always set on a white background.
    • Download NRHI logo or click on the image to download:

4. Boilerplate language to describe NRHI:

    • When to use it:
      • As part of your slide presentation when you introduce NRHI to your stakeholders;
      • In press releases “About NRHI” section.  
    • Grab the boilerplace text below: 

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) is a national non-profit membership organization with a mission to support local leaders in their efforts to address regional health issues related to patient outcomes, care delivery, quality, and cost. NRHI supports and spreads regional collaboration across the United States. The Network reaches approximately 70% of the US population.

The membership is largely comprised of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs), non-profit organizations governed by multi-stakeholder boards with proven success in driving change. NRHI provides a platform for RHICs and affiliates to convene and participate in shared learning, consensus building, and exchange of research, evidence, and best practices allowing for greater collective impact.”

Related Key Messages:

  • NRHI and its members believe the status quo of our healthcare system is unacceptable and that to make lasting change we need to strive for win-win solutions by leading multi-stakeholder initiatives.
  • NRHI promotes transparency of healthcare costs, quality, patient experience, and outcomes.
  • We believe the change needed in health and healthcare happens locally and that there is great opportunity to learn from regional variation to scale innovation nationwide.
  • The expertise in the membership is diverse addressing a broad range of health and healthcare topics. This diversity strengthens the network and creates a framework so that members do not need to start new projects from scratch. 

5. NRHI slides for presentations:

    • When to use them: Introduce NRHI to your stakeholders, select from slides that meet the purpose of your presentation
    • Click on to see and download individual images or 
    • Download all slides

NRHI member map (last update on May 7th, 2020)

All occasion map

Member capabilities word cloud

6. Work with NRHI to disseminate your press releases through multiple local and national media channels. We will do this through our subscription for Meltwater: a media monitoring and social-listening platfom.

For more information about submitting your press release with Meltwater, contact Stacy Donohue