Pathways to Population Health: Portfolios 1 & 2

Join us on August 16 for the third party in a series of learning labs and workshops for the Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) initiative: a collaborative effort of five partnering organizations that are leveraging shared assets and strengths to help healthcare organizations accelerate their population health improvement efforts.

This event will focus on portfolios 1 (physical and/or mental health) and 2 (social and/or spiritual well-being). We will take a deep dive into the types of activities within each portfolio and also discuss key levers for implementation. You’ll hear from heathcare organizations working to overcome obstacles associated with these portfolios.

Register now to learn more about portfolios 1 & 2, and how to accelerate your population health efforts.

Unless otherwise noted, all virtual NRHI events are hosted in Eastern Standard time.

Date(s) - 08/16/2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm