Better Care and Better Outcomes at a Lower Cost

Most of us now know that the quality of U.S. healthcare varies – and is not as good as it should be.  Our goal is that every patient can receive healthcare that is safe, reliable and delivers optimal outcomes at a fair price.  The vision is to have the very best evidence-based care delivered every time to every patient for an appropriate cost.

The Role of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives

QIO-meetingRegional Health Improvement Collaboratives play an integral role in creating value-driven activities to improve the quality of care:

  • Physician engagement and quality improvement support
  • Private reporting to physicians on comparative performance
  • Performance measure development and testing
  • Delivery system and practice re-design initiatives
  • Performance measurement and public reporting to provide transparency for consumer choice and rewards for excellence
  • Quality improvement at the front line such as Six Sigma Lean Programs
  • Disease management and community care teams
  • Demonstration projects that explore quality improvement methods to reduce cost, error, harm and waste
  • Serving as Quality Innovation Networks(QIN) -QIOs or Hospital Engagement Networks (HENs)
  • Multi-payer payment reform initiatives, Value-Based Purchasing, and benefit designs
  • Community engagement for population health