NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare ImprovementPaying for Value in Healthcare

NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare ImprovementPaying for Value in Healthcare

2007 NRHI Summit:
Creating Payment Systems to Accelerate Value-Driven Health Care

On March 29, 2007, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement held a one-day, invitation-only national Summit on Creating Payment Systems to Accelerate Value-Driven Health Care. Financial support and guidance were generously provided by the California HealthCare Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund, and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. In addition, support for the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement's overall agenda, including the Summit, was provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.

Summit Participants

The Summit was designed to accelerate thinking about how healthcare payment systems can be redesigned to reward quality as well as reduce costs. The Summit was not a typical "conference," but rather a working meeting that brought together the people who must collaborate if innovative solutions will ever succeed - major healthcare payors, health plans, regional coalitions, researchers, and other thought leaders. Attendance included nearly 100 regional and national leaders from around the country who are working at the frontier of these issues.

Karen Feinstein, Sanne Magnan, Christopher Queram, David Hopkins, James Chase Barbra Rabson

The goals of the Summit were to develop and share concepts for value-based purchasing; to build consensus among experts, providers, purchasers, and payors on the desirability and feasibility of these concepts; and to identify strategies for aligning market incentives and solving the key challenges in implementation.

Peter Lee, Mark McClellan, Elliott Fisher

Peter Lee, JD (Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Business Group on Health), Mark McClellan, MD, Ph.D. (Visiting Senior Fellow, AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies and Former Administrator of CMS), and Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH (Professor of Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School) each gave opening remarks describing the key issues that they feel need to be addressed in order to develop workable value-based payment systems.

Sophia Chang

Then, participants broke into four separate Work Sessions focused on a particular type of patient and care -- (1) preventive care and care of minor acute episodes; (2) care of major acute episodes, (3) care of persons with stable chronic conditions, and (4) care of persons with unstable chronic conditions or in end of life situations. The Work Sessions discussed the issues and options described in the Framing Paper prepared for the Summit as well as additional issues and options identified by the participants. Sophia Chang, Sanne Magnan, Harold Miller, and Nancy Zionts served as the facilitators and reporters for the Work Sessions. Following the Work Sessions, attendees reconvened in the Closing Session to hear and discuss the findings and recommendations from each of the Work Sessions and to discuss issues related to implementation.

Sanne Magnan

The Summary of the Summit (both an Executive Summary and the full Summary Report), the Framing Paper, the list of Summit attendees, the agenda, the keynote presentations, and the reports from the Work Sessions can be downloaded using the links in the left-hand column of this page. In addition, audio files in MP3 format can be downloaded for each of the presentations in the Opening and Closing Sessions (note: some of the files are very large and may have long download times).

Nancy Zionts

The members of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement are committed to use the recommendations from the Summit to influence national policies on value-based purchasing, and to help design and implement regional demonstrations of innovative concepts for payment systems. In addition, NRHI believes the Summit has established the foundation for a national network of individuals who are both interested in and have the ability to make significant improvements in healthcare payment systems, all with a common base of knowledge and shared goals.

Harold Miller

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