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Regional Healthcare Improvement Collaboratives are making a difference – and making news. Here are some of our publications and recent news coverage.

Read what our Collaboratives are doing to measure the Total Cost of Care.

See what our Collaboratives are doing to make a difference in rural communities. Bruce Japsen’s article, “Maine Shifts Health Focus to the Community.”

The Health Collaborative is improving price transparency in greater Cincinnati by giving consumers more information. And this Collaborative is seeking support for an initiative to improve the health of its residents.

Washington Health Alliance, formerly known as the Puget Sound Health Alliance, partners on a project to make healthcare pricing more transparent. Read news release.

Measuring the Total Cost of Care – The Search for Common Ground

Attempts to assess the “true” cost of healthcare in the U.S. are fraught with inconsistencies. Yet the goal is noble: to benchmark the per-capita cost of care in order to control or even reduce it, making health care affordable for all. But deciding on a standard unit of measure for healthcare…