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Getting to Affordability

Lorrie Marquis: Presenting Data in Ways Consumers Can Use and Understand

As the former Director of Pathways to Excellence, Maine Health Management Coalition, Lorrie Marquis has worked to create healthcare cost transparency for the people of Maine. With an emphasis on cost versus quality, Lorrie discusses the fact that level of cost does not necessarily correlate with level of quality. “’More money spent does not always mean ‘better spent money’,” she explains.

During the National Physician Leadership Seminar (NPLS), which took place in San Francisco in August 2016, Lorrie passionately delivered her thoughts on patients’ rights to understand the care they are receiving and paying for. She refers to the Total Cost of Care index and its vagueness in presenting pertinent information to the consumer. “To the average person, the TCoC index doesn’t really mean anything, “she says. “They don’t understand what is good.”

On the website gettbettermaine.org, terms such as low, good, better and best are used in an effort to create a better understanding of the information. “We have created cut points that associate the quality level of care with level of cost so the average person can understand what it means,” Lorrie explains.