NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

NRHI Membership

Membership in NRHI is limited to Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives that meet criteria established by the NRHI Board of Directors. NRHI defines a Regional Health Improvement Collaborative as:

  • A non-profit organization;
  • which is working to improve healthcare quality and value through an active program of quality measurement and public reporting or an active program of quality improvement, or both;
  • in a specific geographic region of the country (typically either a metropolitan region or state);
  • through a collaborative effort of the four primary types of healthcare stakeholders:
    • healthcare providers, i.e., hospitals, physician groups, physicians, home health agencies, nursing homes, clinics, etc.;
    • healthcare payers, i.e., health insurance plans, public programs such as Medicaid, and employer groups that directly contract with providers;
    • healthcare purchasers, i.e., employers who purchase health insurance for their employees; and
    • healthcare consumers or consumer organizations.

In order to be eligible to become a Full Member or an Associate Member of NRHI, a Collaborative must meet all of the above criteria and have representation from all four types of stakeholders on its governing board.

The Board of Directors of NRHI will review membership applications from organizations to determine whether they meet the criteria for NRHI Membership. Organizations that have been designated as Chartered Value Exchanges by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or as the lead organizations in Aligning Forces for Quality communities by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will automatically be considered to qualify for Full or Associate Membership.

Full Membership

Twenty-four Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives are currently Full Members of NRHI. NRHI's Full Members serve on its Board of Directors and establish the policies and priorities for the organization.

Associate Membership

New and small Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives may join NRHI as Associate Members. Associate Members can participate in NRHI's webinars and discussion forums, and elect a representative to the Board of Directors, but do not receive all of the benefits of Full Members.

For Membership Information

To request more information about joining NRHI, please contact Elizabeth Mitchell at or (207) 747-5104.

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