Key High Level MACRA Questions to help prepare for the shift from volume-based to value-based care and payment

  1. How can we use MACRA to increase better health care and health for patients, families and communities?
  1. What is the awareness around MACRA in our community/organization?
  1. What is the urgency and local need – how are we positioned for moving from volume-based care and payment to value-based care and payment?
  1. What activities do we currently have in our community (or organization) that will help with the implementation of MACRA?
  1. Who are the leaders or people who will have the most passion around this topic?
  1. What partners do we have who can help make this shift more effective?
  1. What are some of the first steps we should do based on our community’s/organization’s current state?
  1. What additional information do we need? What technical assistance will we need?
  1. What will create the most interest in MACRA among our stakeholders? What role can we (name the stakeholder) play in the implementation of MACRA?
  1. Are there natural places to collaborate; what competitive issues, if any, will there be around MACRA?
  1. How would we, or can we, make this a public-private initiative versus only a Medicare initiative?

NOTE: In July 2016 a multi-stakeholder group representing 10 geographical regions in the US discussed that the first question should be the most important question to guide our implementation of MACRA and indicated that the next most important questions to them were:

Physicians:      5, 7, 8
Consumers:     2, 7, 9, 11
Payors:            4, 10, 11
Employers:      3, 10, 11