National Value Based Payment and Pay for Performance Summit

Date(s) - 03/08/2017 - 03/10/2017
All Day

NRHI is co-sponsoring the twelfth National Value-Based Payment and Pay for Performance Summit which is a dynamic hybrid conference where you can participate in person or virtually. This year the Summit takes place as the new Trump Administration and a Republican-majority Congress takes office.  Among the questions we will address:

  • Will the ACA/Obamacare be repealed and replaced? If so, over what time frame will this take place?
  • Will there be an effort to move Medicare to a premium support, voucher program?
  • Will there be an effort to move Medicaid to a block grant or per capita cap program?
  • And importantly for this Summit, what will the attitude of the new administration be to value-based payments, including accountable care, bundled payment, CPC+, medical home, etc., and MACRA?

Regardless to the direction pf public health policy, the private marketplace continues to evolve in the direction of value-based payments. Physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers are routinely seeing their performance compared to peers, national benchmarks and their own past performance. Many feel the explosion of measurement has become “too much of a good thing.” As a result, attention has shifted to discovering ways to better automate the measurement process and narrow its focus. In addition, despite tremendous progress, our payment system is still predominantly based on fee for service. We’re still far from a health care system that consistently delivers best care at lowest cost, and our ability to truly measure and reward outcomes is at an early stage.

This year’s conference will provide an opportunity to engage with colleagues from across the country on the issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the health care system in 2017 and beyond. Leaders from industry, government and the non-profit sector will share best practices and lessons learned from grappling with real-world implementation issues as they strive to improve quality while reducing costs. In addition, the conference has become a great opportunity to reconnect on an annual basis – we will be delighted if you can join us.


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