Learn. Connect. Collaborate.

We offer our members a range of benefits including:

  • Join a collective conversation with healthcare leaders. We offer many opportunities to network, learn from peers, connect with national policymakers and thought leaders
  • Learn industry best practices and cutting-edge innovations
  • Be part of a group that is working to transform healthcare in the US.

NRHI Membership

We draw our strength and purpose from the members we serve. While our membership currently includes more than 20 Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives throughout the United States, our success is dependent on continued growth  and the fresh ideas and contributions our new and existing members bring to our work.

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Membership Criteria

While growth is vital to our objectives, our commitment to quality and consistency is even more important. Our membership criteria, as established by our Board of Directors, limits membership to true Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives that are:

  • Non-profit organizations working to improve healthcare quality and value through an active program of quality measurement and public reporting, or an active program of quality improvement, or both
  • Located in a specific geographic region of the country (typically either a metropolitan region or state)
  • Working through the collaborative efforts of the four primary types of healthcare stakeholders
  • Healthcare providers, i.e., hospitals, physician groups, physicians, home health agencies, nursing homes, clinics, etc.
  • Healthcare payers, i.e., health insurance plans, public programs such as Medicaid, and employer groups that directly contract with providers
  • Healthcare purchasers, i.e., employers who purchase health insurance for their employees
  • Healthcare consumers or consumer organizations

To become a member of NRHI, a Collaborative must meet all of the above criteria, and have representation from all four types of stakeholders on its governing board.

Membership Levels

Our membership is offered at two levels:

  • Full Membership: at this level, members serve on the NRHI Board of Directors, where they work to establish and maintain our policies and priorities and have full access to all member activities.
    The costs are divided into 3 tiers.

    • Tier 1: Organizations with revenue up to $1.75 million = dues are $4,000 paid annually
    • Tier 2: Organizations with revenue from $1.75 million – $5 million = dues are $8,000 paid annually
    • Tier 3: Organizations with revenue over $5 million = dues are $11,000 paid annually
  • Associate Membership: developed for new and small Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives, Associate Membership permits participation in NRHI’s webinars and discussion forums.
    Associated member dues are $2,500 paid annually.

Membership Benefits

Benefit Associate Member Full Member
Your organization highlighted on NRHI website Yes Yes
Your organization highlighted in NRHI monthly newsletter Yes Yes
Receive directory of NRHI members and staff with expectation of membership and use policies Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI annual meeting Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI board meetings No Yes
Receive NRHI monthly newsletter Yes Yes
Receive NRHI board letter No Yes
Sponsorship Ad in NRHI monthly newsletter Yes Yes
Discount on NRHI-sponsored events No Yes
NRHI technical assistance Yes, Discount Yes, Three per year
Subscription or discounted subscription to an industry journal No Yes
Discounted rate for job postings on NRHI’s LinkedIn Site Yes Yes
Events posted on the NRHI site Yes Yes
Enhanced networking opportunities Yes Yes
Complimentary signage at meetings, roadshows and forums No Yes
Invite to NRHI webinars Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI Member webinars Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI forums (i.e., QEC) Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI roadshows Yes Yes
Invite to NRHI national summit Yes Yes
Receive notice of grant/funding opportunities Yes Yes
Access to NRHI member portal Yes Yes
Opportunity to participate in committees and  task forces Yes Yes
Invite to dinner before NRHI annual meetings and forums Yes Yes
Presentation opportunities at NRHI webinars, forums, roadshows and National Summits Yes Yes
Submit presentation for an NRHI panel Yes Yes
Opportunity to submit information to NRHI newsletter Yes Yes
Eligible to chair a committee or task force No Yes
Eligible for nomination to represent RHICs/NRHI in national forums Yes Yes
Eligible to participate in NRHI multi-region projects No Yes
Eligible to serve on the NRHI Board of Directors/NRHI Executive Committee No Yes
Establish policies and priorities for the organization No Yes
Special invitation to events with Collaborative leaders and other VIP members No Yes
Shared Services: Media/Social Media Monitoring (Discounted) Yes Yes
Shared Services: Press Releases over the Wire (Discounted) Yes Yes
Shared Services: Data/analytics (Fee for Service) Yes Yes
Shared Services: Finance/Operations/HR (Fee for Service) Yes Yes
Shared Services: Governance (Fee for Service) Yes Yes
Shared Services: Communications/Marketing Strategy (Fee for Service) Yes Yes
CEO Member Updates by Topic No Yes
Best practice operational document sharing and development (policies, by-laws, finance) Yes Yes

Our Application Process

Membership applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors, with decisions based on each applicant’s specific qualifications. Organizations designated as Chartered Value Exchanges by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or as lead organizations in Aligning Forces for Quality Communities by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are automatically qualified for Full or Associate membership.

To request information about joining NRHI, please contact Elizabeth Mitchell at , call (207) 747-5104 or complete the information below and we will contact you.

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