NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare ImprovementPaying for Value in Healthcare

NRHI: Network for Regional Healthcare ImprovementPaying for Value in Healthcare

2008 NRHI Summit on Healthcare Payment Reform

On July 31, 2008, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement held its second invitation-only national Summit on Healthcare Payment Reform, thanks to generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and with assistance from the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.

The Summit built on NRHI's successful 2007 Summit, which defined specific proposals for how health care payment systems should be changed to improve quality and value. The 2008 Summit focused on how to address some of the key implementation issues in fundamental payment reform and how to get payment reform pilot projects moving forward. Through the plenary and working sessions, the goals of the 2008 Summit were to develop:

  • Recommendations for actions by regional payers, providers, and coalitions that will support fundamental payment reforms;
  • Recommendations for actions to advance fundamental payment reform through state and national policies; and
  • Agreement on priorities and strategies for payment reform demonstration projects.

A detailed Framing Paper prepared for the Summit, From Concept to Reality: Implementing Fundamental Reforms in Health Care Payment Systems to Support Value-Driven Health Care, describes key issues and options for advancing payment reform in regions around the country.

The Summit began with three presentations by several leaders in payment reform and system transformation:

  • Ann Robinow, President, Robinow Consulting, spoke about The Patient Choice Health Care Payment Model
  • Francois de Brantes, National Coordinator, PROMETHEUS Payment, spoke about PROMETHEUS: Theory, Results, and Implementation, and
  • David Share, Senior Associate Medical Director, Health Care Quality, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, spoke about The Physician Group Incentive Program.

Following the opening presentations, the Summit attendees participated in 8 separate work groups at the Summit, covering 6 subsets of the issues and options in the Framing Paper:

  • Payment and Organizations for the Medical Home
  • Provider Structures Needed for Bundled Payments
  • Using Higher-Value Providers and Protecting Patients
  • Piloting New Payment Systems
  • Encouraging Support from Payers and Providers
  • Community-Wide Structures for Payment Reform

The Work Sessions were facilitated by Sophia Chang, Maulik Joshi, David Lansky, and Harold Miller. The reports from the Work Sessions and other issues discussed by the Summit participants are posted to the left.

The Summary of the Recommendations from the Summit, and a shorter Executive Summary, can be downloaded by clicking on the links at the top of the left column.

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